Zoom Call with Pam Turbeville

It’s time for AZ Alpha sisters to show we are family and here to support each other. With this in mind, AZ Alpha is starting a Zoom Speaker Series with our first presenter being Pam Turbeville ’69. We are hoping to have alumnae from varying backgrounds speak on a monthly basis.

Prior to founding i-calQ, Pamela Turbeville was the CEO of Navistar Financial Corporation. Click here to see Pam’s full biography.

Join us, Thursday, May 21 at 4:00 PM, AZ/CA, as Pam shares a little about her career, the importance of civic responsibility, what it’s like to found and operate a business in today’s environment, and how I-calQ is using smartphones to read, interpret and communicate results of point-of-care tests. RSVP here and you will receive an email with the Zoom meeting call instructions.


- What if you had the diagnostics resources of a clinical laboratory and the expertise of a medical specialist right on your smartphone?

- What if you could go to a pharmacy or local clinic and have the same blood test usually performed in a hospital laboratory done on your smartphone in a better of minutes for a fraction of the price?

- What if a smartphone could screen children for malaria, determine why someone can’t get pregnant or lose weight, or instantly diagnose whether an individual is suffering from life-threatening hypotension without access to laboratory equipment, trained technicians, special chemicals, or electricity?

- What if this technology were available to you today?