Meet AZ Alpha's Newest Bobcat

Ava Melson '21, a rising senior at the University of Arizona and loyal member of Pi Beta Phi, has recently been selected for the 2023-2024 class of Bobcats Senior Honorary. One of only thirteen students to be chosen, Avery will spend the next year serving the university and its extensive alumni population. “I was drawn to Bobcats because of the stellar individuals I knew in the honorary from previous years,” says Ava, “I knew that the thirteen Bobcats selected each year represented those with the most love, spirit, and pride for the University of Arizona– and I could not wait to share my take on these same three attributes during the application process.”

Within the chapter, Ava has held numerous leadership positions including membership on the Leadership and Nominating Committee, Director of New Member Experience, and New Member Assistant. Along with her dedication to the sisterhood, Ava is a member of several on-campus organizations such as Arizona Ambassadors, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honorary, PhilanthroCATS Honorary, Research Associates Program, and serves as a preceptor for the Department of Physiology. Outside of her busy schedule, she enjoys traveling, outdoor recreation, calligraphy, yoga, and searching for the best ice cream in Tucson.

On track to receive her degree in Biology with an emphasis on Biomedical Sciences in Spring 2024, Ava plans on attending medical school post-graduation. Her proudest achievement from college thus far, however, is being chosen for Bobcats Senior Honorary. “What this achievement showed me was that I made the most out of my past three years by getting involved in many clubs and organizations, stepping up to leadership positions whenever possible, and creating a network of friends and peers to help make my time here feel like home.” She hopes to be a friendly face for all during her upcoming year as a Bobcat, leading with grace and humility whether suited up or not.

To Ava, Pi Phi is more than just a sorority. “Pi Phi means surrounding myself with caring girls who inspire me each and every day. Through Pi Phi, I have met my forever friends and am constantly laughing, learning, and growing as a result of my interactions with girls in the chapter. Pi Phi has not only given me countless opportunities to be a leader and a mentor, but also a listener and a mentee– for which I am forever grateful.” With personal favorite memories of Bid Day, meeting her little, and living in the house, Ava encourages any future members to learn from older girls in the chapter, especially when it comes to getting involved. “Don't wait for opportunities to fall into your lap, instead go after them! Also, be kind to others, say ‘hi’ when you see one another on campus, engage in sisterhood events, and make the most out of your time here. It goes by so quickly!”