Tucson Alumnae Club

The Tucson Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi (TAC) was chartered in 1920 by eleven women who moved to Tucson to follow their own or their husband’s career dreams.  They had graduated from nine different schools in eight states.  Their ages ranged from recent graduates to established women in their fifties.  What bonded them together was their passion for the ideals of Pi Beta Phi and the opportunity to share that passion with the collegians at the University of Arizona. 

TAC members are very similar to the charter members.  We went to many different schools; we range from recent graduates to established women; we all love Pi Beta Phi and our sisters.  These days we enjoy gathering every Fall with the New Member class at the University of Arizona, or meeting at a member’s house for drinks and desserts.  A festive group celebrated the holidays in 2022 at El Charro Café with Mexican food and wine-glass painting.  In the Spring the Festival of Books brings members together to volunteer in different roles.  When they're not with us, the Young Alumnae like to bowl and meet for a happy hour. 

For information about TAC and to see the full calendar of activities, check us out at  Alumnae Club Website and Alumnae Club Facebook or contact us at TucsonAC@pibetaphi.org