Az Alpha of Pi Beta Phi Virtual Networking


We hope you are all well during these difficult times. We are reaching out for four reasons:

First, we have set up an AZ Alpha career network to help job searches and mentoring.  If you haven't already,  please complete this short survey as we build out the AZ Alpha career network.

Second, please join our social media sites listed below to help you keep in touch with other Alums and the chapter.   Please click on the links and join as it is the best way to keep in contact with each other:

AZ Alpha Alumnae Facebook 
Tucson Alumnae Club Facebook 

Third, we want to make sure we have your up to date contact info and need help finding lost Alums. Update your contact information by clicking on this link or by completing the virtual career network survey here

Fourth, help us find missing Alums.  Click on the links below you will see lists for lost alumni, missing cell phones, and missing emails.

Lost Mailing Address
Missing Cell Phone
Missing Email  

Thank you for your help and stay safe.


AZ Alpha House Corporation